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Building Python Lambda Artifacts With Docker

A while ago I wrote my family a simple Alexa skill. It doesn’t do that much, mainly it tells my daughter what is on the school dinner menu and lets us know whats on our combined calendars. Recently however, I started a new job and with that job came a shiny new Macbook Pro.

The Algebra Of Reality part 1

In December of 2016 I started work on a Python3 port of some Julia code that I had been writing to help me understand a pre-print of a paper written by my former Electronics lecturer at Glasgow University, Dr John Williamson. The paper in question is, by John’s own admission, completely mind bending, in part due to the fantastic picture of the world around us that it paints (aiming to derive the properties of matter from light) but also due to its use of Clifford Algebra as the language of the theory.

Huddle Like A Penguin

A while back I was working on trying to group together short audio clips using a clustering technique that I called “Adversarial X-Means Clustering”: an extension of x-means clustering. The idea is fun but not yet fully formed (I may write a post on it in the future) but as a throw away “lets try this today” exercise I decided to give something else a go.

Writing A CSV Reports Page With Django (part 1)



Dotfiles! They’re fantastic, they let you configure your system to be just the way you like it. Which I love. The downside is that once you are used to your system running just the way you like it, you tend to be a bit lost without all of your config… So, what can we do to always have our config with us?