Hi, I'm Innes. A software engineer living in York, UK.

Day to day I work with a variety of technologies (primarily back-end and scripting) in order to facilitate a dev-ops workflow for other engineers.

Outside of work I'm a photographer, amateur Physicist and Mathematician (helping Dr John Williamson with his theory of Absolute Relativity) and general nerd. I live in York with my amazing wife Katie and our two wonderful/trouble making daughters.

Depending on what my current fixation is, I may be developing some software that you might find interesting over on GitHub.

email: innes.andersonmorrison
keybase: profile, verification for this site
github: sminez
youtube: Innes Anderson-Morison
twitter: @I_D_A_M
instagram: innes_photo
flickr: sminez
soundcloud: Sminez
quicycle: Computational Tools